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Vilgo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specialized in design, manufacture and distribution, and exporting of automobile wiper blades and car accessories to over 20 countries worldwide. 

At Vilgo Auto Parts, we are constantly upgrading our equipment and production processes to keep up with the market trends that allows us offer a great variety of quality products; and also to make possible reduction in production costs that translates in better prices for our customers worldwide. 

Safety in our products is critical; our main mission is to provide traffic safety, perfect field of view and pleasure from driving, among others. 

Our philosophy is “quality, innovation, service”.




Vilgo's extensive high quality production line is supported by a totally integrated manufacturing process. From quality raw materials to the final finished product, everything is under strict QC control and 100% inspection. All our products are manufactured using the newest German and Japanese technology. 

Because every customer needs is different, we treat each case individually; from all sizes and any shape, we always provide with the automobile wiper blades and car accessories our customers are looking for.

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